Boutique 9 Justine Suede Pumps

I could give you a whole backstory about how I discovered an awesome pair of sparkly black Boutique 9 'Justine' pumps at my local Saks outlet and blah blah blah, but really... no one cares. Fact of the matter is these shoes are a great and look far more expensive than they are. I got my first pair at about 50% off retail and the two pairs I'm talking about now were both discounted as well. Dis bitch loves deals. Having said that, I HATE when people will buy something just because it's a deal. ONLY buy something if you LIKE it or LOVE it and it's on sale. I really hate deal chasing for the sake of deal chasing -- you're not saving money... you're losing it. You're spending money you weren't going to spend anyways. You only save money when you would have paid full price otherwise. *Drops the mic and steps off coupon code soapbox*

I'm having such a trouser/pants/bootie/pump/blazer phase right now that I just feel frumpy and unhappy in anything else. Given that, these Justine suede pumps are a favorite shoe of the moment. I'm really an all black errethang kind of girl at heart and generally prefer to relegate crazy colors to the lower half of my body (wacky pants or shoes) or on my lips (NYX - Shocking Pink, MAC - Lady Danger, etc..). Hence, where these guys come in.

They are slightly high for easy, comfy walking, so beware if you're not a heel girl. I've been looking for clean, simple, and colorful pumps for a while now and was even willing to settle for non-suede shoes.. but alas, my mission is complete. There are a few other colors I have my eye on -- the dark purple ones and a black suede pair to replace my ehh ShoeMint ones -- so my eyes are peeled for those on sale in size 7 in the future. Thankfully I had a Shopbop credit from a price matching credit I got a month back, so the pinkish pair only cost me ~$30 bucks and the blue pair was purchased from Zappos for ~$85!