Essie - Good as Gold

Essie recently released a metallic range of polishes and naturally, I made a bit of an impulse splurge at the drug store... and then promptly walked out feeling guilty and mad at myself for paying full price (imagine a Gollum vs. Sméagol moment in the parking lot of RiteAid. My precious!). Just buy your polish on Amazon, damnit, it's much cheaper!

Good as Gold is a pretty gold (duh) metallic, but I'm not sure it's right for my coloring. Despite some difficulties in achieving an even application, it wore well.. as per usual with Essie polishes. Unfortunately, I just never liked how it looked against my cool toned skin. I honestly wish there was some sort of invention or dial on our bodies where we could change our skin colors each day (and before you say it, I don't mean tanning beds!) because I'd honestly like to change up my skin color as much as I change my polish and my lipstick. Having said that, I think this would look BALLER on really dark or super tanned skin -- you win this time, ladies! Until I get a skin machine that will let me look like Grace Jones, I think I'm just going to keep this around as a tip color for more colored tip looks. In truth, I don't think I'll ever wear this alone on my nails again, so join me in remembrance of my $8. RIP $8. I should have listened to Sméagol.

[ in direct sunlight ]