Essie - Over the Edge

Essie's "Over the Edge" is a rich gunmetal polish, with a subtle shimmer. It's not my favorite, but it's nice. Another nice guy polish -- not a polish I run to put on, but it's harmless enough that I'll keep it around to wear if an outfit calls for it. Besides saying that its lasting power was on par with all my other well performing Essie polishes, I really have nothing more to say about it colorwise.

How boring!

A bland review for a bland..ish polish.

Lest I leave you with that sad excuse for a review, just check out how long my nails are! Peace out, short nails! When I look back on old photos of my nail polish now, I cringe at my stubby little nails. Geck! Thankfully, they are currently long and strong thanks to a better diet and various health supplements I'd been taking. Although, I am suspicious the biotin in my woman's daily and hair/skin/nails supplement may have been one of the culprits behind my perpetual chin acne (in addition to the other speculated culprits: hormones, toxin cleansing, and not drinking enough water), so hopefully my nails will stay strong now that I've stopped taking anything with biotin in it.

You know what else I'm going to stop doing now? Typing. Because this post is going nowhere, fast!