Of a Kind x Clare Vivier Cheetah Coin Purse

If you've never heard of either Of a Kind or Clare Vivier, then you are truly missing out (and perhaps living under a really unfashionable rock? JK, no judgement.). Let's fix this. Clare Vivier is my past and current handbag obsession, as evidence by appearing in recent posts and some from years prior. Of a Kind is a website that sells limited and exclusive editions of clothing, jewelry, etc.. from talented independent designers. I've had my eye on them since their launch a few years back (NYC tumblr-ers always keep me so "in the know") and desperately wanted to splurge on this green Veda Garde jacket with leather sleeves. Ah, Chelsea + Veda wasn't meant to be, just yet... but I did splurged on this irresistible coin pouch.

Here's a simple formula for you: Cheetah + Clare Vivier + Tiny Coin Purse = Done Deal

Just a few days after my manic excitement over getting the last one they had [ side note: they are super sweet on Twitter ], a knock on the door from my overworked (my fault, totally) delivery guy brought me this much awaited package. I especially love that they sent it with a personalized and handwritten thank you note, cute wrapping, and a certificate of authenticity -- little touches like these mean a lot to me as a customer and I love shopping from companies that treat orders with care.

It goes without saying that the coin purse is absolutely gorgeous and I'm really happy with my purchase. I can't wait to bust this little guy out in multiple ways -- as a coin purse, mini wallet, lipstick case, laptop case, the options are endless! ;)

Have you ever bought anything from Of a Kind? Clare Vivier? Do tell, I'm always curious!