Essie - Sole Mate


And the award for longest lasting, non-gel manicure ever in the history of the world is.... drum roll please.... Sole Mate by Essie! I'm not one to get profesh manicures, but I got this one done with my mom on a family vacation in the hotel spa. Luxury, baby. And here's the kicker: it lasted over 2 weeks before chipping. Boi-oi-oi-oing!

It might have been the OPI Nail Envy she used as my base coat or perhaps the Seche Vite top coat, but this polish was on lock. I was incredibly impressed by this trifeca, perhaps enough to splurge on Nail Envy someday... but I feel like I've read stuff about Seche Vite having super harsh chemicals in it (well, worse than other normal nail products), and so I'll probably steer clear of that one. Feel free to inform me if that is not the case, as it's late at night as I write this and I am so not in the mood to google. Besides for the lasting power of the manicure, I liked the deep maroon color and it put me in the fall mood (mind you I was in sunny Half Moon Bay, CA exploring super pretty and super un-fall like beaches -- you can see how I needed the reminder that it was, in fact, fall.). All in all, A++ for lastability, A-/B+ for color likeablity, and a big fat F for my category naming.

So, love it or hate it? Perhap this polish is your... sole mate...? ;)


  1. Hot damn. Guess I'll just add this one to my list.


  2. you can get OPI nail envy for like $8 on amazon!

  3. Ooh that is a gorgeous colour, your nails are lovely btw :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. Love the color. OPI Nail Envy is worth the $$. It saved my nails! :) Seche Vite has Toulene in it which is found in very small and not harmful amounts in Cosmetics.

    Here is a good reference:

    It works great but it gets gloopy (technical nail term) pretty fast and the smell is pretty bad.