Sterling Silver Stacked Rings

An accessory staple for me.

I bought mine a few years back from SecretCharm on Etsy for about $70 for the stack of nine bands. Technically, my mom bought them for me as a gift -- she actually discovered them first for herself. I complimented her, "borrowed" them a couple of times and got yelled at for it, and then ultimately asked her to get me some as well. [ Note: She is VERY proud of this fact, since I am typically the one improving her wardrobe. Hi Mom! Thanks! ]

There are tons of different styles, colors, etc.. available there -- my mom also has some textured bands -- but I prefer silver because of my skin tone. However, I have had my eye on the gold ones for a while, so... never say never (sang like Justin Beiber because I'm kinda into him right now and only somewhat ashamed about it).

Click here to see another way I love to wear em.