Sterling Silver Stacked Rings


An accessory staple for me.

I bought mine a few years back from SecretCharm on Etsy for about $70 for the stack of nine bands. Technically, my mom bought them for me as a gift -- she actually discovered them first for herself. I complimented her, "borrowed" them a couple of times and got yelled at for it, and then ultimately asked her to get me some as well. [ Note: She is VERY proud of this fact, since I am typically the one improving her wardrobe. Hi Mom! Thanks! ]

There are tons of different styles, colors, etc.. available there -- my mom also has some textured bands -- but I prefer silver because of my skin tone. However, I have had my eye on the gold ones for a while, so... never say never (sang like Justin Beiber because I'm kinda into him right now and only somewhat ashamed about it).

Click here to see another way I love to wear em.


  1. They look lovely, I may get some in rose gold as I am loving it at the moment! xx

  2. Everyone needs a staple. Love these, I can never find rings that fit properly. Annoying!

  3. I adore my stacked rings too, Etsy is the best place to get them x

  4. Love the rings. But love the biebs more. And no longer ashamed of it. So what if I'm 24. Sometimes I entertain the idea of going to a concert. But I quickly come back to reality. I'd look like a predator in the land of teenyboopers. Best to jam out in the comfort of my car. Where no one can judge me...except the people I'm subjecting to my music.

  5. I love stacking rings, you're right, they're such a staple! I wear them every day, they go with anything and look great whether you wear just 1 or 7!
    Eleanor x

  6. I just did an accessories post! I love these rings, I feel like if I was wearing them, I'd never be able to stop staring at my hands! xx