Candida Cleanse: Skin Care Savior?


This Just In: Candida Cleanses, not just for vaginas! 

Lest you think I have a fucked up vagina or am suffering from a nasty case of thrush, I'm here to assure you that everything is right with muh Hello Kitty.

P.S. DO NOT google image search "thrush" -- some things just can't be unseen.

Forget your va jay jay, your cooter, your lunchbox, Ms. Princess, or whatever it is that you call it and could probably give a therapist some real insight into your intimacy issues, candida cleanses are also beneficial to your skin! When mine was at its very worst, I followed this cleanse for about 2-3 weeks straight (it's very mild -- no worries for the "cleanse" wary... i.e. the diarrhea conscious) and found my skin became much clearer during that time. Nowadays, I keep it in my bathroom cabinet and about once a week, I squirt half a pipette of the tincture and down 2 pills to keep my CandiGone.

Disclaimer: I don't want to say this is the ONE single thing that resulted in my skin clearing up -- around the same time I also: drank a lot more water, stopped taking supplements with biotin in them, developed new skincare routine with high quality products, became less stressed, stopped green juicing (which it seems was causing breakouts from toxin purging?), etc... BUT! When all those things were still going on, I did notice a difference when just adding the cleanse. So, correlation. I'm comfortable with claiming a correlation. It's just... I've taken WAY too many stats courses during my under- and post-graduate education to be dumb enough to claim complete causality for anything in skin care. There is no counterfactual! Perhaps there is a spurious relationship at play!? Where are your controls, woman?!


  1. Okay I actually need this product in my life, so badly. My vagina is all hunky dory, I think I've only ever had actual thrush about twice in my entire life, but man does my throat love to react to sugar, I eat a piece of chocolate and BAM, sore throat. Grim. My mum was always going on about how that was caused by candida.

    I never had a clue it could affect your skin though, I have well and truly been living under some kind of rock. This might explain a thing or two.

    I hope you can get this shit in the UK because it looks like the answer to all my problems right now. I am massively exaggerating, but it will probably do me a lot of good.

  2. This looks great, may have to try it! xxx

  3. I'm willing to try anything for my grumpy sin!

  4. I loved the part at the end, totally sounds like all of my stats profs lol


  5. Interesting! I did not know that this could help your skin as well. I take a probiotic to help with excess yeast growth in my digestive system bc I've had a bad diet for a while and I know that one of the signs of an excessive yeast growth is suddenly developing food allergies to certain foods, my biggest one being eggs. Maybe I should try this too! For both skin & digestion.