Aurelie Bidermann Open Cobs Wheat Ring


One of my favorite blogs/people to pretend I'm IRL friends with in a delusional, internet loser sort of way is Carlye of Awkward City. Not only does she do my VERY favorite GIRLS recaps, but every once in a while she will post a juicy money saving/extreme couponing tidbit. And you KNOW my exploitative little heart loves those... first, how to get tons of stuff for under $10 from Bumble & Bumble's website during Cyber Monday; and most recently, the heads up that Moda Operandi was essentially giving away $100 credit with no fine print. Enough said.

I browsed and browsed the site, looking for anything under $100 I could swing for free; but ended up settling with this gorgeous Aurelie Bidermann ring for a mere $20 -- no tax, no shipping costs, no a penny over $20! It came a few days later, wrapped in the most extravagant packaging (thank you Moda Operandi!), and I have never been prouder of an extreme couponing buy. Muahaha!!

Exhibit A: Savings.

Exhibit B: Beautiful.

Exhibit C: Instagram gorgeousness.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's an AMAZING deal... what a gorgeous ring!! Definitely something to show off and be proud of ;)


  2. Oh wow, girl that ring is fit for the kings. I am extremely envious damn!
    I've been watching you (how creepy) on youtube for ages now and now that I've gotten into the whole blogging thing I'm just going to spam you with declarations of love from now on! Keep posting everything on the internet! (OH gosh this comment really is not a good first impression) xxxx

  3. I like to think our friendship is like internet equivalent to Babysitter's Club, only without responsibility and much more focused on making sense of the entire shopping landscape. Actually, we're nothing like Babysitter's Club. But I'll happily be the Claudia to your Stacey. (I've made you a stylish diabetic JUST ROLL WITH IT)