Aurelie Bidermann Open Cobs Wheat Ring

One of my favorite blogs/people to pretend I'm IRL friends with in a delusional, internet loser sort of way is Carlye of Awkward City. Not only does she do my VERY favorite GIRLS recaps, but every once in a while she will post a juicy money saving/extreme couponing tidbit. And you KNOW my exploitative little heart loves those... first, how to get tons of stuff for under $10 from Bumble & Bumble's website during Cyber Monday; and most recently, the heads up that Moda Operandi was essentially giving away $100 credit with no fine print. Enough said.

I browsed and browsed the site, looking for anything under $100 I could swing for free; but ended up settling with this gorgeous Aurelie Bidermann ring for a mere $20 -- no tax, no shipping costs, no a penny over $20! It came a few days later, wrapped in the most extravagant packaging (thank you Moda Operandi!), and I have never been prouder of an extreme couponing buy. Muahaha!!

Exhibit A: Savings.

Exhibit B: Beautiful.

Exhibit C: Instagram gorgeousness.