Sam Edelman Lisle Booties - Olive


Say hello to one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes. Hello shoes.

Everything about the Sam Edelman Lisle bootie is perfect, except that the zipper clinks when you walk and I have yet to find a way to make it not happen (that actually doesn't bother me too much). I'm so obsessed with them that I own FOUR pairs. One in tan, one in black, one in olive (my favorite!), and wine (a very close second). Excessive? No. Why not? BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYTHING.

If you've been reading this here blog or watching my YouTube videos for any amount of time, I'm sure you've seen these booties pop up in countless outfits... but I had felt the need to dedicate a whole post to them because they are being sold for a ridiculous deal right now and everyone and their mom needs to own them.

No seriously, my mom has a pair too.


  1. Are the olive ones shown in the picture? They're awesome!

    1. HAHAHAHA I'm an idoit. Would have known they're olive if I had looked at the title. I swear my brain checks out on Saturdays.

  2. Aw they don't have my size :( I have been wanting these every since I first heard you mention them!

  3. I need to replace my current booties and these are calling my name now! Do you find they fit true to size?

  4. Perfect heel height

  5. I am unable to wear shoes that are too high. They seem to really hurt my feet so this style is perfect for me.

    buy lifecell

  6. thank you for this recommendation! i bought the reddish-brown ones and the more yellow-brown ones and they are amazing..BUT have u had any issue with the zipper unzipping while u walk? they fit well but if im walking i need to zip them up every 15 min or so..has this happened to u?

  7. Ok, fuck. Damn it, Chelsea! You are ruining my bank account. But it's ok.

    Just got these on Amazon for 98 bucks (what!). I've seen them so many times in your videos that I fell in love before I could help myself. Never owned a pair of low boots (is that what you call them?!). Really excited!!!

    Love your videos, btw. Just keep doing them and I'll keep watching them. :)

  8. Just bought these thanks to you :-) crazy expensive with the shipping to Sweden.. But you made me obsesse about the olive ones :-)