ASOS Petite Exclusive Biker Coat


The ASOS PETITE Exclusive Biker Coat* is a beauty. Why?

It's a simple formula really... faux leather sleeves + black = love. 

Want more proof? Check my previous OOTD video to see it used in an all black everythangg getup.

*ASOS offered me a *free* coat of my choosing as part of their fall #coatenvy campaign, but I would WITHOUT A DOUBT buy this myself in case you're curious! Not a sponsored or required post, I am choosing to share the coat with you!


  1. Loveeee that coat! So stylish!! Love a good faux leather sleeve too!
    Eleanor x

  2. What a BEAUT (that coat too). I'm gonna have to copy you on this one I'm afraid...

  3. I would be buying this coat right now, if we weren't going into spring/summer here in NZ!