Catbird Tomboy and Classic Hammered Frist Knuckle Rings

Knuckle rings make it hard to open my water bottle, but I'll suffer from dehydration for fashion.

I've been dying for some catbird stacking rings for years -- I've drooled at them in the flesh at their Brooklyn shop and spent way too much time pinning them late at night. But alas, I never took the plunge. I've always held back because A. they are pricey and B. I never know what sizes to get for knuckle rings. Problem solved. The rings went on sale recently, a rare occurrence, so I jumped at the opportunity. I threw caution to the wind and guessed at what sizes I would need (I was actually pretty accurate thanks to a googling website that allowed me to measure my Datter Industries knuckle ring for comparison). I ended up with 2 Tomboy First Knuckle Rings and 3 Classic Hammered First Knuckle Rings (plus a free tote!).