In case you're been wondering why the blog and youtube channel have been a little neglected lately... it's because I've been completely wrapped up in starting my own business the past few months. Ahh!


anomie is an online lifestyle boutique (clothing, jewelry, bags, home goods, and accessories) that showcases emerging and independent brands. It is something that I've been dreaming up for years, actually working very hard towards for over a year, and is now almost ready for the world to see... anomie is set to launch 1/1/14! And while we are solely online right now... I have big dreams of a physical location in the Bay Area someday.. someday being the operative keyword. Until then, the store will pop up throughout San Francisco + Marin County for those of you who want to say hello or see the goods in the flesh -- none have been scheduled so far, but I'm workin' on it!

I'm so completely and utterly excited, happy, scared, etc etc.. about the launch. There are so many brands that I have admired for years and pieces I've owned and loved (and even shared right here before) that will be offered and hopefully you might find some new favorites along the way too. I, personally, have a huge love for discovering and supporting small brands and designers. As I have written in the store bio...
..."there is something about the feeling we get each time we wear an item of clothing, jewelry piece, or accessory that has been built by the creativity, energy, and talent of another individual that is very powerful and fulfilling. Combine that with the rewarding knowledge that you are directly supporting an individual to follow and be sustained by their creative passion and that is why we love to 'shop small.'"
Because it hasn't launched justttt yet (January 1st just seemed like too fitting an opening day for a new business endeavor to start, no?), you will not be able to see the site for another few weeks. ...BUT! If you are curious about the launch process or our brands, you can always check out anomie's facebook // twitter // instagram // pinterest // or tumblr pages.

P.S. Everyone always asks about international shipping... and yes, I plan to integrate that in once I get a handle on all the logistics. I'm a one man band, over here! Until then (and just for the first few months probably), the site will only integrate US shipping and all international orders will be taken on a case-by-case basis by emailing

Thank you so much for all the support and kind words you all have offered so far... I really, truly, deeply appreciate it.