Claire Kinder Studio Pip, Halo, + Cuff Rings

I'm extremely guilty of being my own best customer at anomie... and the latest acquisitions are these beautifully simple, clean Claire Kinder Studio rings.

I'm completely obsessed with the turquoise pip ring. It's perfect. Perfect. THE perfect dainty little 14k yellow gold ring. Can I say perfect again? Because it's perfect. I don't know if I told you that yet. Perfect. Claire makes them with opals and other stones (as well as a more matte finish on the gold) and I'm planning to get on that ASAP (funds permitting, sadly). Basically, I am going to go bankcrupt collecting these damn rings like they are Pokémon cards. Oh well!

The halo ring is a wonderfully simple, solid sterling silver ring that I asked Claire to make after seeing her 14k rose gold/sterling silver combo halo ring. She said she had never made it in solid sterling silver before, so that's pretty special -- the only ones ever made! Well, so far.. :)

And lastly, the cuff ring -- a solid sterling silver knuckle ring that is spaced out for the illusion of two separate rings. anomie also carries it in gold, but I find that I mostly wear sterling silver with my skin tone. Exceptions for drop dead beautiful items like the pip ring, obviously. Until I collect more yellow gold stacking and knuckle rings, I guess I'll stop stealing stock away from customers... fine!

PF Candle Co.'s Nag Champa Special candle is also sold in my store (though in different packaging as this was a sample).  
Spoiler alert, it smells fucking amazing.

My Bailey Doesn't Bark ceramic jewelry holder (from the Caverna series) is a prized possession. 
I hope to carry this brand one day too... as well as the designer who makes the skull planter seen above!