Where Am I?

Good question. I've been here. Just not HERE, here. As with any time my life changes, it takes me a while to find where bloggin' and youtubin' (for fun, mind you) fits in once I nail down the particulars of my day-to-day happenings. Now that anomie has been open for about a month and I've got the swing of running it down pat (I'd like to think... but probably not reality!), work is the same ole/same ole each week, and Ryan and I are finally free enough/have the bandwidth/energy for expanding our social circles (aka having fun with ~kewl~ new friends in our fun, awesome city)... I now hope to integrate the blogging and video-ing back into my weekly schedule.

I've been devoting pretty much all of my time to eating junk food and anomie lately, so check out the beauties that I am so excited about (images are linked up!). I'm constantly adding new items weekly and the clothing section is finally getting built out... albeit bit by bit. So... while I may not be HERE as much as I used to.. I am around!






MWM wrap // coming soon!