Granny Hair Perfection

I finally found my salon. Edo Salon. SF. Lower Haight. aka Hair Color Heaven.

Dae has (in two visits) fixed my hair from fuckeddd (accidentally blue/green and yellow, so uneven)...

I wasn't paying much attention to the steps because I love to watch cuts and color done on other people in salons... so, she first did my 7 week grown out roots (image below), I sat under heat for a while, washed that out, then she did something on the roots, then put that through the lengths, I chilled with that in, washed all that out, then something all over, I sat with that in, and then shampoo and conditioner!

The final result is HELL FRICKIN' YEAH:

Who wore it best... me or Grandma Phyllis?

grandma = #hairspiration