I Always Come Back to You, BDG.


As a self-proclaimed lover of expensive clothing, I buy Rag & Bone.. I buy J Brand.. I buy random brands I've never heard of but are really expensive at lil boutiques... but give it a little time and I always come back to the tried and true BDG jeans from Urban.

They are easy. They are cheap. And they always fit.

NOTE: Beware the crap washes -- they look inexpensive. Black is always a sure bet.

Just bought these to pair with my lonely sad crop tops I never wear because I didn't have the right jeans:


I'd buy these but I literally own 2 of the same Zara jeans that are almost identical so obvs I have a type: 


Besides my Rag & Bones, these are my go-to black jeans:


So. Moral of the story. If you need some simple, easy, no fuss jeans that you don't have to care about and will last you YEARS (I am still wearing my trusty black pair from college); then look no further. But if you love expensive jeans and want a black pair with ripped knees, I LOVE MY RAG & BONE ONES (but I do think the crotch has a slightttttttttttty wonky fit -- as if they made some room for a tiny lil penis?!)


  1. Chelsea! I need some serious fashion advice. What do I wear to an outside ranch wedding in the dead of Summer in CA? My usual wardrobe of black or black will be too harsh. I want to feel comfortable, not show sweat stains, look chic, not look like a pastel Easter Egg and PS. I have a curvy bod. Please help!

  2. Check out 3x1 jeans. They are amazing(ly expensive but so worth it). I recommend the channel seam in black high rise http://3x1.us/womens-jeans