WANT: Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag

I would give my first born for this bag. I've wanted it since the very first day I laid eyes on it. I'm not much of a bag whore so to speak, but I would seriously consider whoring myself out for this bag. I'll do your underwear laundry. I'll walk behind you and pick up your dog's poop on a walk. I'll hold the tissue you blow into when you're sick. Anything, ANYTHING to earn a dollar for this bag. I wanted it so much so that I bought a fake rip-off off ebay (which is a nice bag in itself but it's nothing... NOTHING... like this bag, obviously).

[ image via here ]

At $875, I should just continuing dreaming. But man... when I get a job and I save my first big chunk of money from it, you can bet I am going to treat myself for the hard work at get this beautiful, beautiful bag. Hey, I did schedule a job interview today with my ~dream job~ at a non-profit so maybe I'm one step closer! Shopbop recently had a 20% off Friends and Family sale and they excluded Alexander Wang from the sale. RUDE! (But it would have been like $700 andddd that's still not happenin')