What I Wear: Eyebrow Pencils

You know the game, "Ohhh if you were stuck on a desert island and you could only have one _____. What would they be?" Well, if I was stuck on a desert island and I could only have just one makeup item, I would first think how absurd the idea of needing makeup when you are deserted on an island is and then I would immediately blurt out, "An eyebrow pencil!" Many girls would pick mascara, but the most important thing to me are my brows. I like em thick and I like em dark. That's what she said (I know. Sorry.). But if Svetlana at the Spa de Novato had taken off half of your right eyebrow at the tender age of 17, you would feel a deep, personal connection to your face caterpillars like I do. I can last without mascara (though it still is my #2 desert island makeup item, don't worry... I'm not a fool), but my eyebrow hairs are the lightest of brown, and even blonde at points, and therefore, need some fillin'.

Whenever I buy my trusty "Spiked" pencil, The ladies, and occasional fabulous male, at MAC always tell me it is too dark a brow color for my hair color and I always tell them to screw off. Correction: Not true, I'm a coward and I make up some fumbling lie about how I'm dying my hair tomorrow and then it will match. Basically, the moral of this rant is: Try out an eyebrow pencil if you haven't already. Don't worry, you could never look as weird as this lady is for drawing eyebrows on baby dolls (the wonders you find in a simple google image search...).