Essie - Sew Psyched

Essie's Sew Psyched is one of my new favorite nail colors, I am mad at myself that it took me this long to try it out. Essie's website describes this color as "a cashmere-soft sage pewter;" however, I'm not that creative and will just go with saying "it's the perfect mix between grey and green." Love, love, love it. I need to get some better ways to describe liking something so... the thesaurus says... I "like very much, delight in, enjoy greatly, have a passion for, take great pleasure in, derive great pleasure from, relish, savor; have a weakness for, be partial to, have a soft spot for, have a taste for, be taken with; informal get a kick out of, have a thing about, be mad/crazy/nuts/wild about, be hooked on, get off on" this nail polish color.