Apartment Spotlight: Closet and Makeup Storage

I really lucked out with this house and giant closets. There are actually 2 of these closets, one in each bedroom. The second is more of my off season stuff -- like huge winter coats and fancy dresses I rarely have an occasion to wear.

So here it is... where my all my most prized possessions reside...

Have you ever seen a medicine cabinet so big!? Luckily, I have enough products to fill it... and then some. #hoarder

On my dresser, which is also overflowing with clothes, I have a nice tray I got at a thrift shop with my perfumes on it. I won't buy a perfume if I find looking at it on my dresser a form of violent visual assault, so thankfully most of my favorite scents come in tasteful packaging.

Also on my dresser I keep my accessories and some makeup that doesn't fit in my bathroom but is pretty enough to be on display 24/7. All of the lip products in the clear tray are either NARS or Chanel, though since taking this picture I have added an Illamasqua one in there too. The green glass bowl in the top right corner is filled to the brim with tiny tubes of perfume, so now maybe you'll understand why I keep dreading getting more in my Birchboxes!

This is my first pull-out drawer in my bathroom. It's devoted to powder products I wear on my face daily (mostly my growing collection of NARS and Tarte blushes), mascaras I either love or need to use up, and some of my single eye shadows that are not found in palettes.

This here is my second drawer in my bathroom. It's devoted to all my eye shadow palettes and lip products (mostly MAC lipsticks). This is a very prized drawer and some mornings I get lost just sitting there reading all the names of my lipsticks, deciding what to wear. And then I snap out of it and say, "Chelsea, it's just lipstick. Get over yourself."

Lastly, I present my nail polish drawer. This takes up the top right drawer of my dresser (and is currently spilling over into the left drawer as well) and houses all my polishes, top and base coats, nail stickers, some nail wheels, and manicure tools. The brands I predominately own are Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (because they are so cheap and pretty decent!!), Julep (I coupon coded the shit outta their website for so much free stuff!), and a few China Glaze and Butter LONDON scattered about.