Dogeared Jewelry

I've had these Dogeared Jewelry necklaces on my "online wishlist" for the longest time and recently bit the bullet, using some of my graduation money to finally add them to my necklace wall. I've been really into dainty gold necklaces for the past few months -- as evidenced by my latest necklace purchases from minoux -- so I was incredibly pleased when I tried them on and found each to be perfectly simple and beautiful. Now, if only my birthday would come a little sooner so I could get this gold skull necklace... and this circle necklace in rose gold or silver or gold... and this gold karma necklace! Damnit. As usual, I want more than my bank balance will ever allow. False consciousness, baby! Sup Marx! Use your Ebates account and search for coupon codes on google if you ever buy from this store -- I did both and got a nice discount!