Color Club - Blue-Ming

Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I decided to use one of my latest Birchbox goodies, a deluxe sample of Blue-Ming by Color Club, on the tips of my nails. The tip color is similar to a previous post, though I only have clear polish as the base this time around. It's a fun, bright color that I know I would like to use all over my nails, in addition to just using it for tips. It lasted for days and days without chips in this style, so I gather it would last for about a week on my full nails? Here's a tip tip: When doing this on your nails, I like to hold the brush in place and roll my finger. It's much easier to get a somewhat even line this way, rather than trying to move the brush with your finger remaining stationary. I also suggest getting a very opaque, rich formula when doing this because you need to have coverage with just one sweep of the nail. The times where I did not get an opaque finish with one sweep meant I had to go over it again and this usually resulted in larger tips than intended. Having said that, this polish wasn't fully opaque in one sweep, but the amazing color made up for it. I LOVE IT!

My boyfriend says it looks like I just scraped a bar of soap with my nails... what do boys know anyways?!

Have you tried this? Love it? Hate it?