Topshop Floral and Tropical Print Trousers

I couldn't resist the Floral Print Cigarette Trousers or the Calypso Tropical Cigarette Trouser from Topshop. Likewise, I couldn't even resist posting about them either -- they haven't even come in the mail yet. In fact, I'm not sure Topshop even shipped them yet. Post shopping high, y'all. Ain't it the greatest?

I fully expect to receive a harsh email from my mom claiming these are hideous (why did I ever tell her about my blog...), but haterz gone hate. I saw pictures of you in the 80s, Mom. You're not one to talk. But I will concede, they are ugly. But "pretty ugly." You know, like how I looked in 6th grade. Correction: that was just ugly. So what that I liked my ponytails to have a hard helmet of hairsprayed hair holding them up, it was utilitarian! So what that I wore the same pair of boy's swim trunks that I bought at Nike Town for a month straight, the extra netting was really comfortable! So what that I farted that one time doing a sit up on the wall in P.E. before a run, everybody farts!

Enough about my cringeworthy tomboy phase (can you call it a phase if went on for 14 years?). This post is about some sexy ass pants. I bought the smallest size, a 2, so hopefully these bad boys fit and, keeping in mind my shortness, rest just on or above the ankle. Fingers crossed! Bless Baby J for students discounts and Ebates, I got these pants for a much nicer price than advertised! Saving money while wasting money, that's how I roll.

            [ floral print cigarette trousers - $72 ]                   [ calypso tropical cigarette trousers - $70 ]

Be sure to get the student discount and use Ebates on any Topshop purchases!!

So what's the verdict guys? Love em? Hate em?