What I Wore: 8.31.12

This outfit had all kinds of stuff going on behind scenes with it. I had my mind set on wearing the black Jax and nothing would stop me; not even my lack of a black skirt or tights, which were pretty much crucial pieces for the look I'd developed in my head. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Those tights were a back-of-the-drawer-find in my mom's dresser and have seen better days -- so many pills all over them. ANDD would you believe that the skirt I'm wearing is actually an old American Apparel cropped halter top? Why I owned that to begin with I'm not sure, but I wrapped the halter ties around my waist like a belt and BLAM! Changin' the blog name to MacGuyver Wears!

It didn't end there. Would you also believe my hair is only half done because I blew up the electrical outlet in the bathroom? I haven't seen that many sparks since my first date with Ryan, ba doom cha. Just kidding, it wasn't that magical of a first date. Sorry Ry! If you want to hear me talking about this incident (and hear me butcher the pronunciation of "joie" again and again), check out the video version of this OOTD on my YouTube channel, ChelseaWears.

Sweater: Joie from Saks Outlet
Skirt: Actually an American Apparel Halter Crop Top
Tights: (Very Old) J.Jill from the Back of my Mom's Closet