Color Club x Birchbox - Put a Pin in it

I didn't get this Color Club x Birchbox collab polish in my September Birchbox, but I used some of my handy Birchbox points to nab it after I saw it in various box videos. It's not as rose gold as I thought it would turn out, but is nevertheless very pretty and the light pink shimmer goes well with my skin tone. I only noticed chips around the tops of my most used fingers after a few days wear, but I simply clipped my nails and it was like having a fresh polish job! Does anyone else do that? My lazy girl tip to making your manicure last longer. Hm... what else to say.... ah yes, it was very easy to apply -- believe it or not, this is just one coat!

Ever since I started eating healthier, taking supplements, and drinkin' green juice every morning my nails have been CRAZY strong and growing incredibly fast. I don't even like to keep my nails long, but I've been growing them out more of curiosity than anything. While they look nice, they are really annoying -- it's harder to type on my iPhone and computer, foundation I'm trying to get out of sample pots gets stuck under them (eckkk!), I feel paranoid they are going to break, etc... On the other hand, my dog seems to be enjoying get scratched by them. Sorry Dex, I'm cutting em!

How do you wear your nails -- long.. short.. fake?