What I Wore: 1.20.13


This is pretty much my everyday uniform -- loose top, tight jeans, booties. 

Necklace: Topshop


  1. Love the necklace! I def need more tops like that, will need to check the UK stores :)

  2. Chelsea, I don't know the chances of you seeing this comment as you probably get tons between your blog and Youtube. But I have to tell you, I've had quite the marathon watching your videos and I have now seen every. Single. One. I am proud and ashamed at the same time. I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and totally inspiring. Because of you, I'm trying to get into a program to take care of little kittens, you've inspired me to wear pants because I love your OOTD's (I always felt like I'm too chubby for pants so I stick to skirts and dresses) and because of you, I've even started posting on my blog more. I'm a total fan. :P Keep it up! xxx

  3. I found your blog when I was searching Essie swatches and I love your content. I'm your newest follower!

    Btw, your dog is super cute!