Behind the Scenes: Photography Struggles/Successes

Where have I been!?!

Running a global* business, that's where!!! (*very small and tiny)

So... what's happening at HQ you ask? Or didn't ask? Well, Haley, besides being my super awesome friend and shop model, has now become my super super generous friend who gives up her Sundays to come to anomie HQ and run the biz with me all day. It's a huge help; but most importantly, it's fun as all hell. Graphic design, rebranding, photoshoots, workspace decor planning, outfit trying on, cuddling puppies, financial planning, to-do list making, more cuddling puppies, and other super professional stuff.


GOAL: Take dopeeee product/almost lookbook-y type shots 

INSPIRATION: SSENSE, Zara, Totokaelo, etc...

OUTCOME: We did pretty damn good. Learned some shite about lights. Gonna be even better next time.

I literally know jack shit when it comes to photography. I feel like I have a very good eye, but lack any and all technical skill. I have never researched what ISO or white balance is and I barely know the settings on my camera besides flash and no flash. The little flash thingie will pop up and I'll be like, "NO FLASH, NOT NOW!" and I will click it down, but then it will pop up again and again like some sort of portable whack-a-mole game until I figure out to take it off the Auto setting and click to No Flash. I'm a regular... [ I don't even know a single photographer's name to insert in here in jest]. Sigh.

My typical routine is to chase the natural light around my backyard, point, shoot, and be severely disappointed with the results. NOT ANYMORE! I remembered that I had bought 2 softbox lights back when I moved to San Francisco in order to record videos at night (lol, I really put those to good use...). Haley suggested that we use them for our latest photoshoot and thank god she did.

Look at this magic (magic meaning both the lighting magic and her modeling magic):

the lee crop in boiled wool - elizabeth suzann x anomie

the amethystos kimono - hackwith design house x anomie

the marlena tank - elizabeth suzann

the bamboo tank - base range

the bamboo t-shirt - base range

the jade kimono - hackwith design house x anomie

the high neck mini - natalie deayala collection

the arch necklace - young frankk

the media luna necklace - garnett jewelry

the mossi leather trouser - just female