In Love with Expensive Stuff: My Personal Experience with Living Up to My Astrological Sign

What's your sign?


K, end of story.

I'm not someone who necessarilyyyy buys into astrology, sun signs, and the like; though I enjoy indulging in them every once in a while (mainly when they suit my point -- classic leo behavior, amiright?!). According to my sign, I also like indulging in expensive ass shit. This is true.

Totokealo, LaGarçonne ...and the list goes on. Such beauty, such torture.

Current obsession? Lauren Manoogian. 

Current word I have a hard time spelling and wrapping my head around? Manoogian

Manoogian. Why can't my brain say this word properly? It comes out Ma-noon-a-gan and I've stopped trying to correct myself.

Cut to my usual 2am website browsing. The Trapeze Dress catches my eye:

And just like that, I fall in love.

It ticks everything off my list:

X Slouchy
X Comfy
X Black
X Oversized-ish
X Expensive as f*!$

[ Yup, that's my checklist of buying stuff. ]

So, I bit the bullet and spent over $300 on a beautifully knit sweater dress because I'm crazy! Crazy in love...

Well, it arrived about a week later and WAS TOO FUCKING SMALL. Not because I didn't size myself correctly, but literally too small in the sense that it must have been a Petite (which they don't even offer so wat da fuk?!) that somehow got marked as a Small because the measurements were all off and that girl in the picture above is wearing a Small and about 5 inches taller than me and it barely covered my 5'4 butt.

TRAGEDY! I refused to listen to the universe's sign that I did not need to own this dress and contacted LaGarçonne for an exchange. It's currently en route back to them and a new one will be sent out to me ASAP. Wearing it is like dancing around a comfy little cloud and I refuse to pass that up.

So, until I can sit around in my comfy sweater dress 24/7... let's take a moment to drool over all things Lauren Manoogian:

can i live in this hood with you, mysterious lady?

this hood makes no logical sense, yet all the sense in the world.

I want to be her. Haley and I have an unhealthy obsession with this photo.

am I losing my mind and all credibility that I'm like SORTA DOWN with this?! netflix marathon outfit. check!

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