Work/Life/Blog/YouTube/Boyfriend/Friends/Family Balance: AKA Everything I'm Failing At... Or Am I?

How do you balance everything?!

Self-motivation, that's how! And what do I lack? Say it with me now... SELF MOTIVATION!

Am I too lazy to be a wonder woman and get up at a decent hour, make breakfast, get dressed, do my makeup, go to work, make sure my dog is constantly fed and pee/poop free, get downtown more often to scope out what's in stores, keep up with my friends' lives, post a video and blog post at least once a week, manage all the behind the scenes anomie paperwork/quickbooks/buying/sales/logistics/customer service/photography/office + packing supplies/social media/etc..., drive home, hit up the grocery store, make dinner, grab drinks with friends, watch whatever TV I wanted, catch up on blogs and YouTube videos from all my favorites (literally something I have not done in like 8 months), read magazines, play The Sims and Sim City on my phone (recent, very time-sucky addictions I've adopted this week), and get to bed at a reasonable time?

Do these seem like doable tasks for a day? OR AM I JUST A SUPER LAZY HUMAN BEANBAG?! I'm going to try and make a 1-week schedule to see how much free time I could actually have if I did all of these things. Will report back. Or won't. Depends on if I add it to my schedule.

Basically, I feel like a failing human. But not in a "I'm so mad at myself, I'm a failure!" way... more of just a fact of the matter way.


Work - B+

Overwhelming because it's a moderately sized retail business... and it's been just me doing every little thing. But! Haley just started working with me every Sunday and after a month of this... I can already say she's made a huge difference in organization and productivity at HQ. Employee of the Week/Month/Year!

Life AKA Chelsea, the Human - FAIL

Personal Upkeep: I don't want to tell you the number of days I just go to work in pajamas (it's just me at the office!) and that the days I've worn makeup fall into a ratio of 1:9 to the days I haven't. I currently have pretty dirty, potentially smelly hair, but it looks good! Excellent dry shampoo to oily hair ration that I couldn't pass up another day with.

Sleep: My sleep schedule is ridiculous (3-4AM until 10AM-12PM), but I don't mind it. I'm a complete night owl -- clock hits 7PM and all of the sudden I feel like my day has started! Nevertheless, you just feel meh about sleeping in and the daylight passing so quickly.

Living Space: My apartment is a mess and I am running in the low single digits on backup underwear. My fridge has expired milk and really old leftover Little Star Pizza. Ryan and I both just really suck at grocery shopping, cooking, and all other things adult.

Boyfriend - B+/A-

I don't know how he would grade me, but he'd probably rank me lower than this because he hates the aforementioned sleep schedule I have adopted.

Dog - B+

He's not dead, he eats 3 meals a day, snuggles 24/7, and plays with other dogs 4-5 days a week... but he is overdue on some shots. Ya win some, ya lose some.

YouTube - FAIL.

I mean, it's a pretty obvious fail. How many videos have I made in the past year? I think you can count them on 2 hands. And if not 2 normal finger amount hands, definitely 2 deformed hands with too many fingers.

Blog - FAIL

Please see YouTube section above.

Friends - B+

I have friends that I see! But not all of them frequently enough and I am still borderline awful at answering texts.

Family - A

I see em all the time now. No need to improve. Baby's first A!


I think I am doing okay (?) managing the outer areas of my life, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of taking care of myself: eating 3 balanced meals a day, getting some exercise, doing laundry, and enjoying my hobbies... I'm either too lazy to do em or there isn't enough time in the day to fit it all in. Luckily, I'm self-aware enough to realize that I'm lazy, so... is it too late to make a New Years Resolution?