SHIT, Did I Just Get the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag?

Holy. Shit. BREATHE! I am trying not to get too excited right now, because Belle & Clive put me through a near panic attack with site glitches and unexplained empty carts when trying to buy this bag in their Alexander Wang flash sale this morning. I had it in my cart, and then it would disappear and say the sale was over -- cut to: refresh refresh refresh, "OMG, I got it!" -- then I was checking out, and then again... it disappeared and was supposedly "in another member's cart." Finally, fast refreshing fingers, quick address typing, and panicked clicking led me to a wonderful page that said "Order Complete" and a confirmation email in my inbox. Fifth time's a charm, no? I still don't believe it's official yet, they might come back to me and say, "Whoops! we sold 1 bag to 4 people!" In which case I'll whimper (a lot) and probably stomp around my room a few times like a tantrum-ing toddler.

You may recognize this bag from... oh, just 1,000,000 bloggers and celebrities who have it (and this post where I proclaimed I would give my first born for it). It's a pretty popular bag, and though I'm not one to succumb to soul crushing bag lust or celebrity/blogger hype often, this bag just does it for me. Despite it's incredibly heavy weight and oversaturation on street style pins, I l.o.v.e. it. Mind you, it's really expensive and I am now paying off the debt/loan to my super wonderful, awesome, kind, best mom in the world Momma who supplied her credit card for my huge indulgence under the condition that I pay her pack entirely within 3 months. Totally doable! I just handed her $50 in tips from my restaurant job just now... so I only have about.... $700 to go. Ooof. I probably would have never bought this bag in my life if it wasn't at some sort of discount -- I often found myself refreshing this guide to buying a Rocco on discount daily -- so thank the stars for flash sale sites! $695 before tax is a lot more palatable than $875... but still painful.

Exhibit A: Evidence it was in my cart, Belle & Clive!
I just had to screenshot this to prove it when I was going through it all. Totally panicked...

If you could find the Rocco for $695, would you bite the bullet?
What is your biggest bag lust of the moment? The PS1? 31 Hour Bag? Do tell.
How much is the most you're willing to spend on a bag?
I'm curious!

EDIT: Belle and Clive sent me the wrong color hardware and were not able to fulfill my order with the brass studded hardware (which is what they had listed on the site). Tragedy! I had to return the rose gold bag, but I managed to swing it from SSENSE for just a couple bucks more than the flash sale price, so.. I finally go it! If you want to see my comparison with a knock off version, check out my post here.