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My (Simple) Morning Skin Care Routine -- OUTDATED


Hello all, it was requested that I make a skin care routine video... so naturally, I obliged! This is my quick and easy morning skin care regimen. You'll notice that in the video I make no mention of cleansing my face. Why is that, you did not ask but I pretend that you do..? Well, when I was washing my face morning and night, I think it just too much for my skin and I have found it to behave much better when I only fully wash it at night

Products Mentioned:

Save While Spending: Bloom.com


If you're anything like me, then you're a forever faithful Sephora shopper. I have a hard time shopping at ULTA (only generally go there for brands not carried at Sephora) because I think they have an awful rewards system. If I'm going to spend my money on frivolous makeup, I want to really get my money's worth. I had heard about Bloom from an ad that popped up while watching a YouTube video (contextual marketing at it's finest) and clicked on over to see what all the fuss was about. This was a few months ago and I always kept them in the back of my mind since they don't carry THAT many brands -- they are no Sephora, come on now. Recently while perusing Ebates' retailers in the Beauty category (I know, I just won't shut up about it... sorry guys.), I saw 6% cash back and went to Bloom to look up how they work. Here's what I found:

1. With every purchase you get 3 samples -- par for the course, you say?! That's where you're wrong! That's just for run of the mill users who don't spend over $100 in a 6 month period or have a purchase of less than $50. I say to that, JUST $100? A cakewalk for a beauty addict like myself! If you spend the $100 in the 6 month period (congrats, you're now a VIP!) and you have a purchase of over $50, you get 3 regular samples and 2 deluxe, or "mid-sized" samples. If you are a VIP and spend over $100 on your purchase, then you get your pick of 5 regular samples, 4 mid-size/deluxe samples, and 1 full-sized sample! Holy samples, Batman! I don't know about you, but that is music to my well moisturized ears.

2. In addition to the awesome samples perks, you get 10% cash back on every purchase every day. Which translates straight to $$$ that can be used to buy more products from their site. $100 order -- you get $10 back to spend on your next order. It's akin to having a permanent 10% coupon so long as you continue to use your rewards back on their site! The extra special kick that made me spend a few $$ on Bloom's site recently was the coupon code 30BACK, which gives you 30% rewards on your first purchase on the site. Now, that $100+ order has netted you $30 to their site for your next purchase. Holla!

3. Having a FULL YEAR to test a product out is great. I have mistakenly waited past the 30 day return window to try something I bought from Sephora, didn't like it, and realized it was too late to return it. Nuff said.

4. Free Shipping on order over $49 (free returns for VIP, $5 returns for non-VIP users) -- once again, nuff said. Pretty standard. Pretty sweet.
Excuse me while I just step down off this soap box.... okay, here we go...
So, what do you think?

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Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Sun Kissed and Konad Nail Stamping


I was pretty bored recently (surprise, surprise... funemployment) and decided to bust out my Konad stamping tools. I had never used them before, so I opted for a very discreet combo -- hot pink on an orange base. I picked out my Konad m57 plate for a leopard print design and watched a few tutorials on YouTube to refresh my memory. It was relatively easy -- I'll post a "how to" eventually... I just have to get better at it first. I was happy with the end result, as it is very subtle, and will definitely do this again in various color combos. Obviously, it's not a perfect application. I made the mistake of applying my top coat before the pink stamping polish was totally dry on my ring finger nail, so don't make that mistake and lose your whole design!

Despite this Sally Hansen polish being really cheap, it wears quite well and I've had about 5 chip-free days so far. I definitely think I can say that it is one of my favorite orange polishes that I own! Not too shabby for a polish I got in a sale for about 99 cents!

Minoux Tiny Bar Necklace


I was lucky enough to be given a gift certificate to Minoux by my Ryan's mom in honor of my graduation (apparently they had combed through this here blog for a place to get me a gift certificate to -- the "online wishlist" is working! lol). In true Chelsea fashion, I spent it on the online shop within minutes of returning home -- it's called a shopping addiction, thank you very much.

Since she had been so generous, I had enough to get TWO of the necklace that caught my eye, the tiny bar necklace. It actually made it a lot easier on me to not have to decide between gold or silver; ya know, the eternal jewelry debate. I like silver on my skintone because of my cool undertones -- sometimes gold just looks awful with my skin when it gets pink/reddish -- but at the same time, I love dainty gold necklaces.... first world problems here, people. Woe is me.

I ended up buying the 19 inch chain; which sits at just the right spot (there is also a 17 inch version available). I still have $2 left on my gift card, which I plan to one day spend on the tubits necklace in gold (there is just that whole messy business of finding a job first!). Thank you, Mrs. P!

To see me wearing these necklaces in outfit videos: click here and here.

Monthly Beauty Favorites: May 2012


Time for another round of monthly favorites -- here are my "May Empties," if you like those too.

Products Mentioned:

What I Wore: 6.11.12


Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Free People
Shorts: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Shop Spotlight: BAF -- Burger and Friends


So I have a weird obsession with Burger and Friends (aka BAF), an online etsy shop that sells funny cat-themed (among other things) t-shirts. I discovered them on Pinterest after Molly, the owner of one of my favorite gift shops in Philly (The Little Apple), "pinned" a hilarious shirt that said "Too Dumb for New York, Too Ugly for LA." I was beside myself, thought it was beyond clever, and purchased on the spot. Some might call that a dumb waste of money (Hi mom, how are you today?); but I am in LOVE. And the obsession doesn't end there. A tank that says, "Cattitude, Deal with it"??? Have I died and gone to heaven!?!? I think so.

MAC - Rebel


MAC Rebel lipstick definitely holds a spot on my "top 10 lipsticks" list, a list I have yet to truly finalize. It's a gorgeous berry color (one I don't just reserve for fall and winter months, like many of my other berry toned lipsticks) with a satin finish, which I find to be an overall incredibly long lasting and easy finish to wear -- no feathering or drying feeling. It's buildable for an even bolder lip, but also acts as an excellent stain if you are little cautious of said bold lip (It's okay, we can still be friends). I think this color looks beautiful with so many skin tones and clothing combinations -- predominately teal/turquoise (I never wear this shirt without wearing Rebel too).

For more pictures of me wearing this lipstick, click here -- to see it in motion, click here for a video.

Topshop Aerobic Wedge Heel Trainers


These Topshop Aerobic Wedge Heel Trainers are sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick. sick.


They have just the *slightest* wedge, so they aren't hard to walk in... but that does make them a little clunky (at first wear at least... maybe they need breaking in?). They pinched/rubbed on my left pinky toe just the slightest (probably due to the downward angle of the wedge), but that went away after a while (once again, breakin' em in). I fit just fine into a 7.5 even though I am normally a size 7. I, like many, have the joys of having 2 different sized feet -- for heels, etc... I can either have a shoe too tight on one foot, if I take a 7, or too loose on other if I size up to 7.5. Are you confused? I am too. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that they appear true to size or maybe they run a tiny bit small? To see me wearing them in an outfit video, click here.

They even won boyfriend approval! Ryan saw me putting these on and was like, "Wow, those are cool. They look just like my old rollerblades!" That happens to be an incredibly uncool statement, so I'm not sure where to go with that. I mean, uh... just kidding Ry, Brink-style bladin' is totally going to have a comeback... totally....

I also saw these ones from River Island, which are incredibly similar in black, and was gutted (take a load of that lingo, Brits) to see the red was sold out... I wanted those ones soOooOooo bad!!!

Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua in BR12 / Beige Rosé


I am honestly, truly, deeply, madly, etc. in love with Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua foundation. You probably heard me raving about it in my April Favorites post previously, but it deserves a post all its own. (To watch me apply this foundation, check out my latest "Get Ready with Me" post) I wear the lightest cool-toned, pinky shade (BR12 - Beige Rosé), though it is still a little dark for my skin. It's incredibly frustrating when I hear about an awesome foundation, only to find the lightest shade too yellow (*cough* NARS Sheer Glow *cough*) or too dark. In this case, I just have to be very careful to blend down my neck and to use very little product overall. As it oxidizes on my skin, I can see a distinctive, orangish line around my jaw if I am not cognisant to blend, blend, blend! Nevertheless, it literally looks like skin and gives the perfect light coverage where I can still see all my freckles on my nose and cheeks. Likewise, imperfections still need concealing. The SPF 15 is an added bonus for daytime wear, but I really wish they had an SPF-free formula for occasions with flash photography. SPF in foundations causes your skin to appear whiter in flash photography, in case you were unaware (and probably looking like Casper all over Facebook). I look white enough already, I don't need any sun protection making it worse! I am thinking about trying out MAC Face and Body, probably mixing the lightest with the white version, and Illamasqua Skin Base, same situation here, for a flawless, night out foundation sans SPF.

I wear this foundation with a NARS makeup primer (with SPF 20 PA++ -- a discontinued formula, actually) during the day and a Smashbox primer when I don't need the extra SPF (sometimes I even forego all primers!). I have pretty oily skin and I do find that my oils definitely break through this foundation within a couple of hours, even with an oil-control setting spray and apply some of my Smashbox Photo Finish Setting Powder on my T-zone. Perhaps if I tried an oil-control primer it would last longer? I don't even care that there's a paraban in the ingredients because it's just that amazing. R.I.P. Para-ban 2012. It's $45, which I find to be a typical price for a nice foundation, so I couldn't recommend it enough. Walk.. run.. no, SPRINT to your nearest Chanel counter and get a sample today!

Recent Zara, Urban Outfitters, ShoeMint, and Steve Madden Purchases


I have already talked about the DYNEMITE heels + the Zara Floral Print Dress on the blog before...
 but the rest should be news to you, ever faithful blog reader!

What I Bought

FACE: Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua in BR12 and MAC Lipstick in Hue (5/3/12)


Renting the Runway


So I've been signed up for Rent the Runway for what feels like the longest time, and I finally have an occasion to use it -- Ryan's cousin is getting married at the end of the month at a schmancy country club and the attire is black tie optional. Optional?! No choice here -- this is just the excuse I've been waiting for. No more randomly getting dressed up and Ryan looking so confused as to why I'm in a floor length gown in the kitchen at midnight. As if, that will never end. So back to wedding, I hopped on to Rent to Runway when I saw a coupon code in my inbox a few mornings ago (HELLOSUMMER gets you $10 off dresses 50+, $15 off dresses 100+, and $25 off dresses $150+) and couldn't decide between two gorgeous Badgley Mischka gowns, one in black ("Party All Night Gown") and one in gold ("Screen Siren Gown") -- each with the rental price tag of $125 to rent pre-coupon code. Luckily, if you are renting one gown, you can rent another for the same or lesser price for only $25. In true Chelsea fashion (no pun intended), I opted to get em both sent my casa and plan to return whichever one I decide I will not wear within their 24-hour window to get the full rental fee back, sans shipping cost. I also opted to include some Kenneth Jay Lane "Emerald Drop Earrings" (clip ons, how grandma of me!) in case I choose to wear the black dress. Gaahh!! I am so excited!

In the end, my total came to $182 -- including shipping, insurance fees (no worries about ruining an expensive dress, fewssh), and a free second size to ensure I get a dress that fits. Might seem a little pricey to some (and like a dumb idea to my mom and boyfriend, EH HEM!) but I only wear my nice dresses once every couple of years and they cost a lot more to buy than these would be to rent! Plus, no dry cleaning fees as they take care of it all for you. I think I'm still going to wear the Zara Floral Print dress to the wedding ceremony at Villanova's church (my alma mater and the couples' too... and Ryan's... and his brother's... etc etc...). If you've got an occasion where you need to look fresh ta deff, pop on Rent the Runway and have yourself a looksie. And as I end that sentence I realize this post sounds like a total ad for them, but I assure you it's not. I'm just fucking stoked!

[ Also, creepiest thing ever... I was looking at one of my initial potential red dresses' user uploaded photos and the girl wearing it was someone I recognized from back home. Weird! ]