HAIR: How I Use My Cortex 4-in-1 Curling Wand


Ahh, the eternal quest for loose, beachy waves. 
I'm almost there... but not quite. 

For a full product list and to see how I accomplished this wavey look, watch the video.

FACE: Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Extra Light + NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl


Coupon Code: Shopbop Spring Sale


Use code "SPRINGEVENT" for big savings on Shopbop through the 28th. YAY!

Although, I do prefer the simple 15 or 20% F&F discounts to this tiered business...
it's really a 20% discount at the highest tier -- and only 12% at the first.

Resisting EVERY urge for this bad boy right now.

China Glaze - Peachy Keen


China Glaze's Peachy Keen is definitely one of my VERY favorite polishes. 

scratch that, VERY VERY VERY favorite.

You saw me gush about it in my Spring Nail Polish Picks video, so there really isn't much left to say -- Amazing color, amazing wear (10+ days), and surprisingly versatile and complimentary with all sorts of outfit colors. Only downside? Takes about 3-4 coats for a perfectly opaque finish. Deal with it!

I, 100%, stand behind the claim that this nail polish is a must have. Order it. NOW!

Looking Forward to Spring Beauty - 2013


I'm ignoring the snow, painting my nails brights and pastels, and pulling out my coral cheek colors.

Spring, get here already.. please!

Curious about what I'm looking forward to in the spring, beauty wise?

The videos:

Spring Cheeks and Face

Spring Lips

Spring Eyes

Spring Nails

What I Wore: 2.4.13


All black errethang...

Shirt: LOFT
Tank: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Topshop Aerobic Wedge Trainers
Jacket: Gap 
Rings: SecretCharm on Etsy
Necklace: Babette on Etsy
Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel (and here and here)

Sterling Silver Stacked Rings


An accessory staple for me.

I bought mine a few years back from SecretCharm on Etsy for about $70 for the stack of nine bands. Technically, my mom bought them for me as a gift -- she actually discovered them first for herself. I complimented her, "borrowed" them a couple of times and got yelled at for it, and then ultimately asked her to get me some as well. [ Note: She is VERY proud of this fact, since I am typically the one improving her wardrobe. Hi Mom! Thanks! ]

There are tons of different styles, colors, etc.. available there -- my mom also has some textured bands -- but I prefer silver because of my skin tone. However, I have had my eye on the gold ones for a while, so... never say never (sang like Justin Beiber because I'm kinda into him right now and only somewhat ashamed about it).

Click here to see another way I love to wear em.

Candida Cleanse: Skin Care Savior?


This Just In: Candida Cleanses, not just for vaginas! 

Lest you think I have a fucked up vagina or am suffering from a nasty case of thrush, I'm here to assure you that everything is right with muh Hello Kitty.

P.S. DO NOT google image search "thrush" -- some things just can't be unseen.

Forget your va jay jay, your cooter, your lunchbox, Ms. Princess, or whatever it is that you call it and could probably give a therapist some real insight into your intimacy issues, candida cleanses are also beneficial to your skin! When mine was at its very worst, I followed this cleanse for about 2-3 weeks straight (it's very mild -- no worries for the "cleanse" wary... i.e. the diarrhea conscious) and found my skin became much clearer during that time. Nowadays, I keep it in my bathroom cabinet and about once a week, I squirt half a pipette of the tincture and down 2 pills to keep my CandiGone.

Disclaimer: I don't want to say this is the ONE single thing that resulted in my skin clearing up -- around the same time I also: drank a lot more water, stopped taking supplements with biotin in them, developed new skincare routine with high quality products, became less stressed, stopped green juicing (which it seems was causing breakouts from toxin purging?), etc... BUT! When all those things were still going on, I did notice a difference when just adding the cleanse. So, correlation. I'm comfortable with claiming a correlation. It's just... I've taken WAY too many stats courses during my under- and post-graduate education to be dumb enough to claim complete causality for anything in skin care. There is no counterfactual! Perhaps there is a spurious relationship at play!? Where are your controls, woman?!

Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant


A gentle, yet effective exfoliating mask that I keep in my weekly pamper rotation. One of my favorites.

Essie - Sand Tropez


Essie Sand Tropez is the nude I thought I could never wear but am pleased to learn I can... and I love it.

What I Wore: 2.2.13


3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel - Black with Silver Hardware



3.1 phillip lim pashli satchel black silver hardware

And thanks to a shipping mess up by Barney's, it ended up being 10% off.

What I Wore: 2.1.13


Leather Jacket: Zara
Necklace: Zara
Pants: Topshop
Sweater: Target
Shirt: Ryan
Boots: Sam Edelman "Lisle" Booties in Wine

What I Wore: 1.29.13


Necklace: Zara
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Topshop "Leigh" Jeans 
Boots: Sam Edelman "Lisle" Booties in Black

Emma Hardie "Amazing Face" Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm


Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm is heaven in a tub. No more gel, foaming, or exfoliating cleansers; I'm a total balm convert.

Morning and night I mix a little of this with water in my palm, massage into my face, and and wipe off with a damp washcloth. No residue left behind. No squeaky clean, stripped feel to the skin. You're simply left with nourished, clean skin. [ Note: I use a cheaper method to remove makeup -- Bioderma or the No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser -- at night before using this; I fear I would go through the tub too quickly double cleansing with this. ]

The smell is intoxicating and relaxing -- a staple for both winding me down at the end of the day and easing me out of my sleepy state to a new one. Follow this up with my favorite Olie Biologique 004 Huile Moderne facial oil, and I smell like a walking spa. Ahhhh, deep breath in and exhale slowly.

Any cons?

It's packaging needs work (breaks and leaks), for one. And it's not readily available in the US. Internet to the rescue. I purchase mine from, which typically has good deals and free international shipping. [ PRO TIP: If you join the site you can actually pick one brand to always receive 10% off from on every order and, naturally, I designated Emma Hardie as my brand since I don't buy anything else from Feel Unique. ] I typically buy all my beauty products online, so it's not a huge con for me. I just have to remember to repurchase about 2 weeks before I run out.

Packaging and availability don't outweigh what's actually inside the pot, which is the best cleanser I've ever used. I honestly and wholeheartedly recommend this balm -- there is a reason this is a favorite and staple of so many discerning beauty lovers!

[ Emma Harding "Amazing Face" Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm - ~$45 ]

I've been recommended the Eve Lom Cleanser numerous times, but a quick peek at the ingredients reveals it contains mineral oil. No thanks! Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm contains a better overall ingredients list, so I'm sticking with it.

WANT: Everlane - The Silk Blouse


These Everlane silk blouses WILL be mine... someday.