Please Excuse this Inturruption to the Bra Series to Bring You a Size Related Announcement


Guys... my whole world has been flipped on its head.

I went to Journelle, otherwise known as boob mecca, to browse around and see all my bra week picks in the flesh. We started to debate the salesperson on our sizing and Haley, not believing what this lady was selling, opted to get measured. I wasn't about to try anything on, but then I got curious... "measure me, tooooo," I shouted while running into their dressing room already sans shirt.

And that's precisely when my mind was blown to smithereens.

Let's Get Intimate: Meow Meow


Bra Week Part 4: AYE CHI WA WA
[ PART 1 - Soft Basics ] [ PART 2 - Sporty Spice ] [ PART 3 - Hey Gurl ]

Intimates that make you feel like you are queen of the mother 'effing world. 

What are the best words to describe this bra set? HOLY, FUCKING, and SHIT seem very appropriate. I mean, I look at it and I immediately regress into the cartoon character who sees a pretty lady and has their eyes pop out of their head while they shout: A-WOO-GA A-WOO-GA! It combines all of my favorite things: straps, high risk nipple exposure, highwaisted underwear, cutouts, and mesh. 

Let's Get Intimate: Oh, Hey Gurl


For bras when you're not really ready to look like you're trying to buy cute bras because you JUST met that guy off tindr and don't want him to think you care that much and it's not like you're planning when to introduce him to your parents or anything ...or you just like cute bras!

Let's Get Intimate: Sporty Spice


Welcome to Bra Week Part 2: Sportswear meets boobs meets fashion.

Sportswear is all the rage right now. People are like, CrossFit this! Pilates that! -- but if you're anything like me, you just want to look active without having to be active. And that's where sportswear inspired bras come in. Throw these on under a loose tank (or wear solo if they are tank-y enough) and all of the sudden you look like a healthy individual who knows what the hell a burpie is. P.S. What the hell is a burpie? Actually, please DO NOT tell me as I don't need to hear 4,000 more pitches about why I should check out CrossFit.

Let's Get Intimate: Soft Lil Basics


BRA WEEK... it's like shark week, but with more nipples.

For the next couple of days I am going to be walking you through my deep obsession with lingerie, intimates, underwear, and whatever you want to call them that isn't the word "panties" because aren't we all in agreement that word is used exclusively by child molesters and guys with creepy fetishes.

I Always Come Back to You, BDG.


As a self-proclaimed lover of expensive clothing, I buy Rag & Bone.. I buy J Brand.. I buy random brands I've never heard of but are really expensive at lil boutiques... but give it a little time and I always come back to the tried and true BDG jeans from Urban.

In Love with Expensive Stuff: My Personal Experience with Living Up to My Astrological Sign


What's your sign?


K, end of story.

I'm not someone who necessarilyyyy buys into astrology, sun signs, and the like; though I enjoy indulging in them every once in a while (mainly when they suit my point -- classic leo behavior, amiright?!). According to my sign, I also like indulging in expensive ass shit. This is true.

Totokealo, LaGarçonne ...and the list goes on. Such beauty, such torture.

Current obsession? Lauren Manoogian. 

Behind the Scenes: Photography Struggles/Successes


Where have I been!?!

Running a global* business, that's where!!! (*very small and tiny)

So... what's happening at HQ you ask? Or didn't ask? Well, Haley, besides being my super awesome friend and shop model, has now become my super super generous friend who gives up her Sundays to come to anomie HQ and run the biz with me all day. It's a huge help; but most importantly, it's fun as all hell. Graphic design, rebranding, photoshoots, workspace decor planning, outfit trying on, cuddling puppies, financial planning, to-do list making, more cuddling puppies, and other super professional stuff.

Work/Life/Blog/YouTube/Boyfriend/Friends/Family Balance: AKA Everything I'm Failing At... Or Am I?

How do you balance everything?!

Self-motivation, that's how! And what do I lack? Say it with me now... SELF MOTIVATION!

Am I too lazy to be a wonder woman and get up at a decent hour, make breakfast, get dressed, do my makeup, go to work, make sure my dog is constantly fed and pee/poop free, get downtown more often to scope out what's in stores, keep up with my friends' lives, post a video and blog post at least once a week, manage all the behind the scenes anomie paperwork/quickbooks/buying/sales/logistics/customer service/photography/office + packing supplies/social media/etc..., drive home, hit up the grocery store, make dinner, grab drinks with friends, watch whatever TV I wanted, catch up on blogs and YouTube videos from all my favorites (literally something I have not done in like 8 months), read magazines, play The Sims and Sim City on my phone (recent, very time-sucky addictions I've adopted this week), and get to bed at a reasonable time?