YSL Glossy Stain #1 - Violet Edition


The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres (aka Glossy Stains) were a product I heard tons of great things about on blogs and YouTube in the past few months. Everyone was raving about them, waxing on about the interesting texture, uncanny lasting power, and brilliant shine. Now it's my turn. They have a very interesting texture, an uncanny lasting power, and maintain a brilliant shine for HOURS. There. I said it! Now I'm just like everyone else. Just a cog in the machine. Robo Chelsea. Beautybot 2000. Tangent: You ever think about how much those beauty companies are just laughing their way to the bank watching this huge online culture and community of people essentially selling their products for them? It's comical how salespitchy some videos can be for absolutely no reason. If you love it, rave about it. But if not... obviously partnerships and affiliate links exist, but... okay, ya know what? I'm going to shut up because this post is about a glossy fucking lip stain and that's it! Stay shallow, Chelsea. Less thinking. I like to analyze behavior and feel like much of my enjoyment with the YouTube beauty community stems from ethnographic tendencies. Former Sociology major.... sorry. must. perform. qualitative. research. and. analyze. with. theory. Can you tell I'm writing this post at two in the morning?

You might have seen my "haul" video when I bought these (I kind of hate that term but am at a loss for what else to call those videos -- shopping sprees? latest purchases? "help me I have addiction and need an intervention"s? I don't know...). If not, let me sum it up: I was annoyingly excited about getting my first YSL products and smiled a lot. Violet Edition, aka #1, is an deep berry color; which verges on purple with increased application. The great thing about these stains -- besides for the fact they don't budge, smell really nice, and feel really cool on your lips -- is that you can achieve dramatically different effects with intensified application. In the image above, I am wearing about 4-5 layers of product. At first layer, it's a somewhat sheer/somewhat opaque berry gloss (this is visible at the end of the video I linked above). Each additional layer brings the stain to a higher level of opacity and intensity. Knowing me, I added as many layers as it took to get my desired effect -- a bold, opaque lip.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend these YSL Glossy Stains. The price ($32) is a little steep for the average Joanne (or fabulous Joe. werrrk.), but look no further if you feel like indulging in a special treat. If you hate shine, and permanently looking like you just finished a juicy piece of fried chicken, look further -- these really aren't for you. Now for the "bad": Beware of dry lips, as the stain can cling to dry patches; and while they are long lasting through eating, they still have some stick to them which can cause food to cling and absorb some of the stain. I speak from specific experience eating spring rolls at dinner. Cute. But that's it for cons. All in all, an awesome product with a great shade range (I own two right now, but have my eye on more). Love em!

What I Wore: 8.12.12


I wore this when celebrating my 24th birthday a few days early at the Tonga Room with family -- felt like the right place to bust these trousers out!
Grandma (and co.) hated the lipstick, naturally.

If you're interested in the makeup, click here for a "Get Ready with Me" video where I recreate this look!

And Mom felt pretty cute (and I agree!) in her vintage dress, so she opted to get her picture taken too ;)

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: Zara
Tank: Gap
Trousers: Topshop
Heels: ShoeMint
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Vintage
Lips: YSL Glossy Stain #1 - Violet Edition

What Mom's Wearing:
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Dolce Vita "Jax"

FACE: Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Tender Rose and NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink (7.10.12)


What I Wore: 8.8.12


Another day back home, another day spent wearing my new Winstons and the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn, my Car Mar jeggings. They literally feel like yoga pants and I pretty much only take them off to wash em... or to put on my new Zara kids -- yes, KIDS -- floral harem pants. Fear not, I'm well aware I've gone mad; but I'll be damned if that wasn't the best $7.99 I ever spent.

Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Car Mar (bought at LF)
Wedges: Madewell Smokeswirl Espadrilles
Necklace: Gift from Grandma

OPI - Just Spotted the Lizard


One of my latest polish purchases was OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard, from the recent Spiderman collection. I finagled it for free from Bloom.com using their reward system (as discussed in this haul video), but I would have gladly paid full price for it. It's gorgeous, easy to apply, and remained steadfast on my nails for over a week. Apparently it's an exact dupe for Chanel's Peridot, minus the excessive price tag and chipping issues. I had no clue about that when I bought it, so what a happy coincidence. I really wanted Peridot, but just can't rationalize polishes more expensive than Butter LONDON's $14 price point. Even an excessive, obsessive shopper like myself has limits. If you missed out on Chanel, can't afford it, or just want a really fun nail color... I couldn't recommend this one enough.

Warby Parker Beckett in Aqua Tonic // Winston in Lunar Fade


As I talked about in a past outfit post, I recently purchased the Aqua Tonic Beckett frames, a limited edition color combo from Warby Parker's Summer Crystal collection. I also picked up a a pair from their permanent range, the Winston in Lunar Fade. I explained my plight in the aforementioned post -- about the struggles I've had to endure having been born with excellent vision. It was a tough road, but I've lived to tell about it. I grew up getting headaches from wearing my friends' glasses around and so, at the crisp age of 23, I figured it was time I fulfill that childhood dream of owning glasses. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

I discovered Warby Parker on Tumblr ages ago (gotta love social media, holla!) and I like the ethos of the Warby Parker brand. It evokes a fun, hip feeling in me, and I especially love that they donate one pair of glasses for every pair they sell. If you're someone who actually needs glasses, or just a weirdo like myself, I suggest you look into Warby Parker for some eye wear. They've started selling sunglasses (which I'm afraid to delve into, due to lack of shopping related impulse control) and they have a great home try-on program, where you can get five pairs of your choice sent to you for five days to try on in the flesh for just a $1 hold (shipping both ways is free). It's really easy and commitment free. I sound like a salesperson, don't I? Well, I'm not -- there's nothing in it for me and I've got no connection to the company. However, I have actually done the try-at-home shabang on two separate occasions before I had the courage to bite the bullet and get some unnecessary specks, so I speak from personal experience. Plus, 6% cash back on Ebates. I rest my case. Are you sick of hearing me talk about Ebates yet?!

To me, these are an accessory -- so what if they serve no utilitarian purpose! 
For me, they serve an emotional and fantastical purpose, like most all my clothes.

Ryan Wears?


He must have missed me while I was away because this little gem showed up in my inbox one morning. 
Well guys, the joke is on him because I posted it to YouTube! Enjoy :)

If you want your own airplane controller wand, head over to Zara quick!!

What I Wore: 8.6.12


On this day I went to collect spring water in St. Helena with my mom. Total hippie agenda when I'm back home in CA. I know. However, to entice me to come with she did have to throw in a trip to the Napa outlets. We shopped the Gap and J.Crew outlets and I found lots of stuff I've had on my wishlist at the CCO -- Bobbi Brown Foundation in 00 and a Pot Rouge, MAC lipstick and a gel liner, AND dun dun dun.... Tom Ford lipsticks! HELLO!

I'm wearing a recent purchase from the LF 60% sale (my mom's sweater technically, I picked it out for her) and my new obsession, the American Apparel Chiffon Double-Layered Full Length Skirt. Likewise, I couldn't help but put on my new MAC Mattene Lipstick in Eden Rouge straight away, so here's what I ended up wearing when the day's adventures were said and done.

[ pre lip // post lip ]

Sweater: Millau (purchased at LF)
Necklace: Babette on Etsy
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Bag: Zara

FACE: Dr. Jart+ BB Cream and NARS Lipstick in Heatwave (7.7.12)


What I Wore: 8.4.12


I've always wanted glasses, but I have had the (un)fortunate luck to be born with eagle eye vision. I know... poor me, right? Don't worry guys, I haven't let this (dis)ability stop me! Oh no, I'm a fighter. I've been eyeing Warby Parker glasses (no pun intended, unless you chuckled -- in that case, pun totally intended) for over a year now and have successfully blocked out my friends' and family's discouragement. I don't think it's such a weird idea to wear glasses if you don't need them -- they can simply be an accessory for your outfit, just like a scarf or belt. Sure, they serve a utilitarian purpose for people who actually need them, but I love the glasses vibe and want to join in on all the four-eyed fun. I tend to associate fantasy lives and characters with clothing items and accessories, so I've adopted the persona of an artsy, creative gallery owner in these Beckett frames in Aqua Tonic (a limited edition color combo from their Summer Crystal collection). More to come on these in a future post, so keep your eyes peeled. Now, I really want to make more eye/glasses/sight related puns here, but I'm going to spare you. You're welcome! (To see a video of this outfit, click here)

I fully expect some jeers and ridicule for my new goggles, so do tell.... on a scale of 1 to 10... how stupid do I look? ;)

Top: Zara
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Forever 21 (found it in my mom's closet, SCORE!)
Jeans: Car Mar, purchased at LF
Flats: Gap
Bag: Zara
Glasses: Warby Parker Beckett in Aqua Tonic

FACE: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 110 and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick in 2 (7.5.12)


If you care to see my very best (as of yet) flawless, camera ready face that I wore to a recent wedding...

Products Used:

What I Wore: 8.1.12


My first outfit post for my time back in CA... loving the weather!

Necklace: Minoux Tiny Bar
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Wedges: Madewell Smokeswirl Espadrilles

Monthly Beauty Favorites: July 2012


Zara Watercolor Floral Dress


The Zara sale has been going full force in my local shop for over a month now... something I'm actually annoyed to report. I'm over it Zara, get me new stock!! Please!! I, stupidly, thought I was late to the game and missed the sale when it had only gone on for a few days. Hindsight, man... The dress is sold out from their site, but if your local Zara is still running the sale you just might get lucky (there were tons left in the Philly location in larger sizes as of the end of July).

After meeting up with my boss to discuss book edits a while back (because I'm not a total sack, I freelance), I popped a few streets over to Zara to check out the sale. To my delight, this watercolor-esque dress that I've been eyeing for months was in stock with one left in my size. Fate? Perhaps. (No, definitely not.) I scooped it up, despite a missing back button, and have been obsessed with how it looks under my Silence & Noise (Urban Outfitters) black "Boyfriend Blazer." I wore this to a meeting yesterday and I love how this outfit makes me feel -- somewhat professional, without feeling stiff and cookie cutter.

To see some more clothes I've bought recently, click here
What did you get in the Zara sale?

Incoco Nail Strips


Apparently I forgot to post this back in May, when I first wore these. Blogger fail. Forgive me?! Bygones (said like Richard Fish from Ally McBeal). Glad we're past that, onto the nails! So these Incoco nail strips came to me via my September 2011 Birchbox and then sat ignored for months in the back of my nail drawer. Fast forward to May 24th, 2012. A day Ryan, my poor boyfriend and housemate, will never forget... The day I came home with 2 tiny kittens that needed around the clock attention and love. The day he and Dexter were ousted from sharing the numero uno spot in my heart. And according to him, the day I became an insane cat lady (yeah right, been one all my life. sukka.). The kittens have just now gone back to P.A.W.S. to be adopted out, but I'm afraid Ryan's resentment at my taking over the house with kitty scratches and litter box smells is here to say.

Fearing that the kittens would get sick from polish and knowing that any paint job I attempted was bound to be ruined (since they needed feeding and cleaning every two hours -- hardly enough time to ensure everything is dried and perfect), I decided to try out nail strips for the very first time. I encourage you to read instructions carefully! I didn't understand how to do it at first and ended up wasting product (luckily they gave extra strips and one nail strip could cover two of my short nails). I missed the memo that you need to peel something off both sides, so I was pointlessly trying to stick something that wasn't sticky to my nails. I actually threw them onto my bed in frustration and walked out of the room, thinking how dumb and unsticky nail strips were. I take it all back. I apologize Incoco. You go, Incoco.

I went back in for a second try and discovered my mistake... and just how awesome nail strips are. Within seconds I had all ten nails covered, completely dry and indestructible. In the end they lasted about two weeks and I couldn't recommend them enough. Perfect for taking on vacations or applying before you leave. The only downside is the price. Isn't that always the downside of everything? I love this purse, the only downside? Well, it costs money. Damnit! Could have sworn that was a free one... maybe next time... They cost about the same as a nice bottle of polish, but you only get one wear out of em. Even I can do the math on the cost per wear on that one. So while that can be off putting to some, I still think they are worth it if you going someplace where you need your nails to last a long time or you are short on space in your liquids carry on bag. TSA has no respect for my extensive beauty regimen.

Not sure if this code still works, but on my card it says "BCS09" gets you 10% off nail polish appliques on their site.

Have you ever tried nail strips? What's your favorite brand? Least favorite?